How to start with Online Teaching in a post-pandemic World

Covid-19’s vaccine is rolling out, and soon people will be able to get on the street as they were before. 

And the same is true for teachers. Finally, they will be able to share their knowledge and experience with their students in the real world out of virtuality. 

Feels good, right?

Perhaps yes for those who want to say goodbye to their caged situation. But for people, or I’d say teachers like you, it’s a little skeptical, who have waited for enough and now wanted to start an online teaching service. 

You’re worried whether it’s worth doing now as everybody is moving out? Or you should go like the rest of your fellow offline teachers. Join an intuition or a school and start teaching. 

Well, just like you, there was a teacher before the pandemic who doubted enough, but when he started, he made a quiet profession. 

Therefore, in this article, I’ll share some points that would clear your mind and motivate you to become an online master.

Why Online Teaching or Selling Courses Is Beneficial for You Even After Pandemic Over?

Proof or statistics? 

Call it whatever you prefer the most but stats always make things clear. So, why not have a quick look at online teaching report pre-pandemic?

In a 2020 February report by Statista, the e-learning market in 2014 was around USD 165 Billion. 

Impressive, right? 

And the surprising fact is that the e-learning market was on the rise even before the pandemic. The industry has seen massive growth since 2000 by more than 900%

Image Courtesy, Shiftelearning.


Now, let’s see what was the score of e-learning during the pandemic. No doubt, you’ve already speculated that it has seen growth as everyone was taking online education classes. 

And your speculation wasn’t wrong. 

In a report by Global Market Insight, it was counted that the e-learning market saw a massive growth of USD 200 Billion in 2019. 

Okay, it was good in pandemic and even before that, but what about post-pandemic? Well, Statista forecasts the e-learning market to see a rise to USD 240 Billion by 2021. 

And a report by Research & Market analysts forecast the e-learning market to reach USD 336.98 Billion by 2026

So, it merely means online teaching has a bright future; whether you start today or tomorrow, you’ll be able to get more out of it.

If these reports have made all your doubts clear, then let’s see how you can start your online teaching service. 

How to Start Online Teaching or Selling Courses?

In general, there are no right or wrong ways to start your online teaching service. 

However, it’s always best to follow some essential steps that can help you successfully start and then sustain your online teaching business. 

These are not a lot of steps, and we can go through each of them one by one easily. 

If you’re ready, let’s see what they are without any delay.

Choose Your Niche

Like any other business globally, choosing a niche is important. Similarly, defining your domain for online teaching is essential.

And not just a broad niche but something narrow. 

If you try to build a business in a broad domain, you’ll have to compete with many successful competitors. 

And the chances are you might never get seen by potential customers.

Therefore, whenever you go to start your online courses selling business go for the narrower domain. 

Like if you want to teach content writing, then what type of content writing. 

Whether it’s Academic, Technical, or Creative?

If you choose Technical, then what type of technical writing. 

Go deep, and when you find yourself at a dead-end, then start from there. In this way, you’d be able to choose a working domain for your online teaching profession. 

For a specific service, people will prefer you for their specific purpose. 

Gather Your Equipment

Audio, video, or paper?

How do you want to create courses and teach your audience?

If you want to create courses containing videos, you will need a camera, lights, and other essential shooting tools. 

If they listen to you, you might need to purchase a better mic for better quality audio recordings. 

And finally, a computer or laptop (with screen recording app you’re going to create courses that would require screen capture such as masterclass on Photoshop), internet and a little motivation in you will always be required when you’re going to start selling your courses whether it’s audio, video or whatnot.

How to Sell?

Now, as you have gathered all your required equipment for creating a course, it’s time to build a platform where you can sell them.

Sell on CMS Made for Courses or Online Teaching

If you want to keep yourself away from managing every aspect of your courses’ selling platform, joining a Knowledge Commerce Platform (KCP) would be a smart move. 

KCP’s are another type of CMS specifically designed to do your online teaching business. 

It provides all the soft tools that help you easily Build, Market, and Sell your courses. 

However, KCP’s services charge a bit high; some even start their base plan from USD 149/month. 

You may find them costlier when you first build the business. 

Create Your Own Website and Sell Your Courses

Creating your own website gives you the freedom to try out your website in whatever way you want. 

Moreover, if you choose WordPress, you’d only have to pay as little as USD 99/month to get your basic website working with quality hosting, domain name, and any preferred theme or plugin. 

You’ll have more integration options than any KCPs.

Install an LMS plugin

Once you created your WordPress website, install an LMS plugin for free. It allows you to make your website’s environment compatible with online teaching. 

Plus, it provides you with the options to create courses, allow students to register, and if you want to add other tutors on your site, you can do that as well. 

Using an LMS plugin is a complete solution for creating and selling courses on your website on WordPress.

Setup WooCommerce

To sell your newly created courses, you need to set up your WooCommerce account. And to do that, you don’t have to pay for anything. 

It’s free, just like your LMS plugin. 

WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin from Automattic (WordPress’ Owner) that gives you the tools to publish your courses as products making your website a digital store and allowing users to purchase your courses easier.

Once everything is set up, WordPress + LMS plugin + WooCommerce, keep creating courses and make money hassle-free. 

Sell on Marketplaces

Everyone’s got a different taste. 

Therefore, if you’re someone who just wants to create courses, make money, and don’t want to handle the backend like self-hosting and KCPs, then choosing courses’ selling marketplace is the least acceptable option you got. 

Why do courses’ selling marketplace the least acceptable option? 

First, they’ll cut a massive commission from your courses’ selling

Second, you won’t come out as a brand. You won’t have a direct connection to the users to boost your sales on a number of occasions. 

Third, colossal competition. Yep, the hardest thing to break if you choose the path to sell your courses on marketplaces. 

Fourth, cheap pricing sales that will dump your hard work for far less profitable income. 

If you want to get a successful online teaching business, choosing Self-Hosted Courses Website and KCPs would be your fine move.

Once Created the Courses, Market Them to Make Money

Nothing gets sold if it isn’t seen. 

Therefore, once you’ve created your courses, it’s a must step that you should take to reach more comprehensive users to get maximum benefits and profits. 

How can you market your teaching courses? Everything’s written down in the below points. 

Blog About Them

The recent data says, 77% of internet users regularly read blogs, and about 6% of eCommerce sales are influenced by blogging. 

If you do it regularly, you can take it to 12%.

And it’s a considerable number in this very competitive world. 

If you want to know how to blog for your online teaching service, you might want to read this post → How to Start and Maintain a Blog for Your E-Commerce Site by WooCommerce Writer TOM EWER. 

Run Google Ads on the Custom Sales Page

Everyone searches for something, and to make the most out of it for your online teaching business is to run Google Ads on a custom sales page

Why custom sales/landing pages?

Because using them would allow you to represent your course or course bundle in a much profound way. 

  • You can engage a user.
  • Show them the benefits of joining your course.
  • You can target the right audience.
  • And much more to convert them for good.

Bring Serious Students from Social Media 

Students are everywhere; from them, nothing is untouched. And it’s true in the case of social media. 

Till 2020, there are around 3.6 Billion users on the internet for social media

The astonishing fact is that 90% of 18-29 years old U.S. adults use at least one social media to connect, share information, or their views, image, or video posts.

Moreover, in a report published by Ofcom(UK), it is found out that 21% of 8-11 years old children have a social media account

It’s whooping big.

There’s no doubt that if a social media promotion campaign is done right, you can bring many students to your courses.

Send Newsletter but Create Free Courses

Marketing from email newsletters brings the highest ROI than any other marketing tactics you shouldn’t miss. 

You’d find people saying over the internet that build email lists to boost sales

But what’s the best way to build an email list?

With no surprise, it’s the free content you provide to the users, and this is what you can do for your courses. 

The free WordPress LMS plugin allows you to create courses that you can provide to the user for free on registration. 

In this way, you’ll get their email address, and whenever you release a premium course, you can use that list to promote it through newsletters. 

. . . 

That’s All You Need to Start Your Online Teaching and Make Money From It

To start and sustain your online teaching or courses selling a business successfully? Yes, this is all you need. 

However, as time passes and you come out as a distinctive brand, you can try other ideas to boost that success. There’s always scope for improvement and better service proving. 

If these above points convinced you and helped you start your online teaching profession successfully, please share your experience in the comment section. 

I’m always ready to read and learn from others.