LMS WordPress Plugin

Create an online course.

Latest version: 1.7.3
WordPress Version: 5.3+
Tested up to: 5.6
PHP Version: 5.4+

Premium Addon

Customize with Elementor.


WP Attest Addon – Elementor



Sell with WooCommerce


Featured video

Define a Featured image and Video. Upload, Import (YouTube/Vimeo) or Embed video materials.

Teaser video

Have a teaser Video on your first Lesson.


Group your lessons into Modules. Sort the modules with a simple drag & drop.

Sort (drag & drop)

Create new Lessons, edit, sort with a simple drag & drop, or delete them from the listing.


Define Key Features or Benefits that a student would end up learning by choosing your course.


List down all the requirements that a Student need to accomplish before enrolling.

Target audience

Define your target Audience.

Student limitations

Define how many Students can enroll in a course.

Featured listing

Highlight a course by Featuring it on the listing page.


Assign Topic(s) to your course. Define custom.


Choose from the predefined Difficulty levels, or create your own.


Answer the Student’s common questions through an FAQ section.

Multiple tutors

Have multiple Tutors creating courses on your platform.


Mention the Language that will be used throughout the course.

Lesson assessment

Reward points for each lesson finished.

Course assessment

Define automatic Assessment rules that will condition the Students to follow in order to complete the course.


When updating the course, release a custom Announcement and notify your students by email.

Custom emails

Customize your custom automatic Email messages.

Backup & Restore

Do a .json Backup and Restore data.


Integrate with reCaptcha to avoid spam.


You will find tutorials, guides, docs and frequent asked questions. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can open up a Support ticket.

No. You will keep 100% of the earnings. Everything will be managed through WooCommerce. Learn more

Yes. It is a free plugin. For more advanced functionalities, we are offering separate Premium Addons that are integrated with the Base plugin.

You can simply submit your Support ticket from the WordPress repository.

Yes, you just simply go to Attest > Courses > [Course title] > Settings > Price >  Free(Requires Registration)

Yes, we are accepting suggestions. Based on our backlog and priorities we will try to bring it to life as soon as possible. Just drop us a line from here.